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    India Program

    For several years, the Boston Rescue Mission's International Outreach Program has focused on transforming lives at risk in and around Kolkata (Calcutta) in India. To date, Lynn Samaan, former Director of Spiritual Formation at the Mission, has led 4 teams through slums, homes for orphans, homes for dying people, churches, missions, and even a leper colony.

    This kind of ministry to desperately poor, homeless, and hungry women, children, and men does more than meet practical and spiritual needs of broken lives overseas. Team members face situations that challenge previously held notions, build confidence in their abilities, and equip them to better serve those in who need help here at home.

    In July of 2008, a team of six journeyed to an island with a home for widows and children. A team member described it this way:

    We visited a home on an island near Sunderban tiger preserve. People living there were sinfully poor. To earn income, men would travel into the preserve to gather honey illegally at night. Many of them were killed by crocodiles or tigers before returning, leaving widows and small children penniless and fending for themselves.

    The team returned with a challenge to raise $40,000 for a second home to expand this ministry upon their expected return. If you feel called to support this project or any other Boston Rescue Mission International Fund activities, please contact Eric Grenfell-Muir at (617) 338-9000 ext. 1209 or at egrenfell-muir@brm.org. Only funds that are designated for use with India outreach will be used.

    Kenya Program

    We've added a new project to our International Outreach Program in Kenya. The project will support various homes and schools for children. For decades, Kenyan parents have been lost to violence in internal political and ethnic conflicts and widespread HIV/AIDS. These homes work to get orphaned kids off the streets and provide education to end the crushing cycle of poverty that afflicts them.

    With this brand new venture, aid ministers in Karungu distribute food and clothing, and underwrite educational costs for dozens of primary school children. In these and other poor areas, a little goes a long way, and ministers are already reviewing opportunities to expand aid to other schools and children's homes in the region.

    Feel free to read a personal appeal from the Red Rose Nursery and Children's Centre.

    If you feel called to support this project, please contact Alison Kinyua, Director of Finance at (617) 338-9000 ext. 1202 or at akinyua@brm.org. Only funds that are designated for use with Kenya outreach will be used.

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